Undie Ups PLUS- Absorbent, Adult Unisex Joggers Jet Black

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These wonderful joggers are made with a silky spandex/polyester blend, have deep, comfy pockets, and absorbent underwear suitable for males or females. Undie Ups PLUS are designed with the same absorbent capacity as an adult size diaper with 5 absorbent layers and one waterproof layer. SIZES ARE UNISEX with layering that extends all the way to the waistband in both the front and the back. Both underwear and joggers are integrated into one waistband. Just like the original Undie Ups, these are perfect for those seeking the ultimate comfort, including sensory sensitive persons, special needs individuals, kiddos, and anyone seeking more security during leaks. Please check size chart before ordering.  

Undie Ups Unisex Adult Size Chart 
Size Length Waist
2XS 35.8 22
XS 36.6 24.6
S 37.4 27.55
M 38.2 30
L 39 32.48
XL 40 36
2XL 40.55 40
3XL 41.3 43.5
4XL 42.1 46
5 XL 43 53

Customer Reviews

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Michael Bradley
Pretty good

They ride a little low , feels like I have to keep pulling them up. Otherwise great product